European Womenswear Bran Sandwich offers Inspirational Fashion to open-hearted women

VeldhovenGroup designs, produces and markets European womenswear brand Sandwich.

We are a global company with a creative heart that beats at our Amsterdam headquarters – home to our design teams, in-house ateliers, management team and general staff.


A mid-segment womenswear specialist, we connect with our consumers using an omni-channel distribution strategy that includes wholesale, shop-in-shop, franchise, retail and e-tail. Today we have more than 1500 sales points in more than 20 countries, and employ over 1200 people.


Founded in 1950, we remain privately owned, which enables us to maintain our commitment to the highest quality, timely deliveries, and building our authentic in-house brand, Sandwich.


2017 marks the start of an exciting new journey as we finalize a comprehensive renewal program designed to return us to our strengths, and serve our customers and consumers with passion, dedication and integrity.


Casual Contemporary Fashion for Open-Hearted Women

Open-hearted, real, caring and spirited – Sandwich is VeldhovenGroup’s enduring brand, founded in 1981.


An effortless blend of smart femininity and comfort, Sandwich’s casual contemporary signature is trusted by women worldwide to make every day special. Sandwich clothes feel beautiful and confident, helping the women who wear them to make real connections and radiate joy to others.


The Sandwich success story speaks to the group’s heritage in mid-segment womenswear. As our original in-house brand, Sandwich is a part of the DNA of our company – and of our bright future.


Our story

Founded by independent entrepreneur Rudolf Veldhoven in 1950, our company began life as an importer of textiles and clothing to the Netherlands. We soon expanded to private label wholesale production as a supplier of European fashion.


Family ownership provided continuity and independence as the company introduced its own womenswear fashion brands SandwichStills and NoNo in the 1980s and 1990s, and continued to expand in the 2000s.


The 2010s has seen the group place greater emphasis on strategic brand portfolio management as it strengthens in mid-segment womenswear. We acquired brands Turnover and DEPT – later divested with Stills and NoNo – and German brand Olsen, which was acquired by a local investor after significant growth.


Today the focus continues on building the business and growing the influence and success of the Sandwich brand.


Our values

Personal, Authentic, Loyal and Design-driven – these are the founding principles that continue to drive all we do. As an independent family venture, we apply our values from source to shop.


Our company culture has always been about honest, traditional values like hard work, enthusiasm, optimism and social behavior. Our people are passionate about designing, creating and selling great clothes. Our shop managers and retail staff love to talk fashion with a customer over a cup of tea or coffee. Our design teams obsess tirelessly about finding the perfect quality or weight of a fabric.


All of us put the consumer at the heart of everything we do, and take pride in working for a company with an authentic heritage of more than 60 years.


We believe in managing our business fairly and professionally. We serve our partners with integrity, quality and care. We work with the right suppliers who help us to achieve our aspirations. We pursue operational excellence in every step of the value chain, and place the highest value on long-term relationships.


Our partners depend on us season after season to deliver consistent quality, timely deliveries and a world of knowledge. Everything we do benefits from a company culture of talent and excellence in which each team member is valued for their contribution.


Our business approach

When you work with passion like we do, you set the bar high – with beautifully-made garments, timely deliveries, attractive sales margins, and attentive sales support.


We take a proactive, secure and sound business approach, which allows us to be creative and form inspired business relationships. With our dedicated expertise, we look forward to helping our business partners realize their objectives.



11111111 Rudolf Veldhoven Textiel Agenturen BV established in the Netherlands as a clothing importer.
1950 Rudolf Veldhoven Textiel Agenturen BV established in the Netherlands as a clothing importer.
1966 Rudolf’s son, Willem Veldhoven, joins the company, expanding into private label wholesale.
1980 Willem Veldhoven takes the helm, further establishing the company as a supplier of European fashion.
1981 VeldhovenGroup establishes its first brandSandwich.
1994 The company launches brands Stills and NoNo.
2000 Willem’s son, Martijn Veldhoven, joins the company.
2007 Martijn Veldhoven is appointed CEO, overseeing strategic execution, while Willem Veldhoven continues as chairman.
2010 The company adds fashion brand Turnover to its portfolio and opens a dedicated sales office and warehouse in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands.
2012 VeldhovenGroup acquires on-trend brand DEPT.
2013 Luxury brand Stills becomes independent as VeldhovenGroup prioritizes the mid-segment; NoNo is divested.
2013 VeldhovenGroup acquires German mid-segment womenswear brand Olsen.
2016 Following a successful turnaround and strong growth, Olsen is acquired by a German private equity firm.
2016 Turnover and DEPT are discontinued whilst VeldhovenGroup consolidates to meet international demand for core brand Sandwich.


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